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Monday, 14 July 2008

Bosch Gas Hobs

Bosch's four and five-burner gas hobs include features such as electronic ignition, wok-style burners and flame failure devices, which detect when there is no flame and automatically turn the gas off, taking the worry of safety out of cooking with gas. Several of these models are also available with fashionable and stylish tempered hard glass bases.
Bosch gas hobs are flush fitting and are available in the two sizes of 60cm and 70cm. There are six gas hobs to choose from altogether made up of three different styles but a choice of size for each.
The 70cm Bosch gas hobs are five- burner hobs, four generic hobs in each corner and then a wok- style burner in the middle. The power of the gas burners on each of the 70cm hobs are the same with the central burner being a high speed 3.6kW three way burner, one larger high speed 3.0kW burner at the back right of the hob, two standard 1.7kW burners at the back left and front right of the hob and one economy 1kW burner at the front left. All three models have the controls mounted at the front of the hob to make them easy to reach and use. The one hand electronic ignition is also mounted on the front via the control knobs and all three gas hobs have LPG jets included. The 60cm hobs have the same four specification burners minus the central burner.
Despite the many similarities, there are subtle style differences that distinguish them from each other. All three Bosch gas hobs do have a tempered black hard glass base, but the PHL106CEU and PHL106FEU models are frameless. The front trim on the hob that is not frameless- the PHL206MEU is brushed steel, which will fit well into a kitchen that already has a lot of brushed steel incorporated into it or with an oven that also has a brushed steel trim. The frameless gas hobs will fit in with any style of oven as long as it is the same overall colour. Another small design difference is the pan supports. The PHL206MEU and the PHL106FEU models both have cat iron pan supports whereas the other has standard black enamelled pan supports. Cast iron tends to be better and it is often used in professional kitchens because of how durable it is. All three hobs come with a cradle with convex bases for pans included.
The company, Bosch, was founded over one hundred years ago by Robert Bosch, who sadly died in 1942. With all the recent press footage concerning the environment and the devastating effects of global warming, many manufacturers of large appliances have been making a large effort to keep their products as energy efficient as they can and produce as little waste as possible. This is true of Bosch, who try to keep their products as economical as possible not only because of their responsibility to the environment but also in an attempt to save consumers money on their energy bills.

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